(c) by #ds

Aku, kau, dan mereka
Berlayar di tengah samudra
Berjalan menerjang masa
Berjuang menggapai asa…

Bukan minit, jam, atau hari
Adalah hitungan dua belas masehi
Yang berlalu bagaikan mimpi
Dan masih harus diraih menetapi janji…

Aku mungkin belumlah sempurna
Dan kau mungkin takkan selalu bersama
Namun mereka akan selalu nyata
Layaknya ‘the maze’ harapan dan do’a…

Jika bersama tidaklah selalu ada
Namun ‘dekat’ adalah selalu dan rasa
Hanya antara aku, kau, dan mereka
Dalam hati dan mohon kepadaNya… 

Merunu Waktu



(c) by Dayak Sarawak

Merunut waktu yang berlalu
Bukan penyesalan yang ku mau
Bukan pula untuk kembali ke masa itu  

Merunut waktu yang berlalu 

Bukan hampa yang tak bermutu 

Adalah cinta, cita dan peluh yang penuh haru

Merunut waktu yang berlalu 

Adalah asa dan hikmah yang kuramu 

Menjadi harapan dan doa untuk terus melaju 

BersamaNya, bersama mereka dan bersamamu…

Dalam Gerimis

(c) by Dayak Sarawak, 2016
Aku temukan diriku
dalam gerimis
Ketika kau hempaskan pintu hati
dan kuputuskan melangkah pergi
Aku temukan diriku
dalam gerimis
Ketika dalam ragu aku berhenti
agar sempat menatap dirimu

Suatu Perjalanan!

DS’s character is set on his views, and how he sees people.    In the start he’s a follower; “everybody in the class puts up their hands.   I mean everybody.   I put up mine.   I go along.”   DS wants to blend in with the crowd, however when the class is fooling around, he is really intrigued by the idea of a poetry reading.    But by going on this class trip to see the poet, he’d be marked a nerd by his classmates.  DS broke away from his class and got on the bus: “And at five-thirty I have no idea why I’m sitting in the parking lot.”

DS is the only one from his class who is going to see the poet at work.    When on the bus DS tries to hide himself from the outside world, by crouching low and covering up his face. While DS is on the bus, he interacts with Sharon.    Sharon shows DS that you don’t always have to follow the crowd, but you can be independent.

When Sharon’s friends ask her to sit with them, she decides to sit with DS: “‘I’ll stay here with DS,'” and when they get to the bleachers, Sharon sticks by his side.

Sharon believes that DS has potential and that he can be somebody if he tried: “‘You’re as bright as anybody on this bus.'”

Perhaps he will take Sharon’s words to heart.   At the end of the story he pretends that things will go back to how he is comfortable; ” Mrs. Tibetts, our teacher,  is braking for the turnoff, and we’re about to get back to normal,” but, in the end he knows that his attitude has already changed.

He begins to see things in many different ways. DS is me……Dayak Sarawak.